Friday, January 28, 2011

New Car

My husband has an obsession with Mini Cooper's. He bought one from England right before our wedding, and it's from 1966. It's such a cute car. Now his Saturn is starting to die, and I really hated the Saturn, so we decided he needed a new car. And guess what kind of car he wanted....

I think my husband might have a problem. He is seriously obsessed! But I really love this car much more than his old one, so it's really okay with me. Besides, I sorta , kinda, maybe think it's a little bit cute.

Happy Birthday!

Last Sunday Adam and I drove up to Pine Valley to celebrate Ayla and Dallas' birthdays! Ayla turned three this year and Dallas turned five. Little kids grow up WAY to fast, but Adam has the cutest nieces and nephew ever. They got lots of new fun toys, Rachael made us a delicious steak dinner with potatoes and salad, and we had ice cream cake. I love birthday parties! Thanks for all the fun Rachael!
Aren't they SO cute!

Ayla is scared of me so she'll never look at me, but one day she'll like me. I hope. We had so much fun hanging in Pine Valley with the family. Grandpa and Grandma Herpel came over and we all laughed about The Grumpy Grandpa's of Pine Valley. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! I love visiting everyone in Pine Valley, it's always so much fun.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hiking...somewhere in Hurricane!

On Saturday we drove to La Verkin to go hiking with my parents. My dad has been wanting to go on this hike for awhile, but he needed some hiking buddies to go with him. I called him to see where a good place to hike was, and he told me about this one! I told him that mom and him should go with us, and he talked my mom into it! We drove up to where the trail starts, and we started hiking down into the canyon.
Don't you think Adam makes some really attractive faces? Ha!
My mom and I at the beginning of the trail!
We stopped along the way so the men could shoot the gun.

I was in such a dancing mood that day! This picture makes me laugh!
 My dad said, "Look! I'm driving the Titanic!" He even did it with his sippy cup in his hand! Hahahaha
Yes, he really did hike the WHOLE way with this cup in his hand, even when the trail was washed out!
This is another attractive picture of Adam. He said this was his Harry Potter wand.

We walked past tons of horses on our way back to our car. I think my mom was in heaven.

The La Verkin bridge

After about four miles of trail and four hours of hiking we were glad to be back to our car!

Thanks dad for taking us on such a fun hike! When it gets warmer we will take on the narrows in Zion!
The other day I got to have lunch with these ladies, (plus Brinlee). We had so much fun, as we always do!
I think my mom might have a mouth full of blueberries in this picture.

I wish we could do this every week! It's so much fun getting together with my family! I love them all!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Also, yesterday I forget to mention that I learned how to drive a stick shift. Kinda. It was a very traumatic experience for me. Because my car is broken, everyone thought it would be a good idea for me to learn to drive Adam's car. My mom decided to come with me and teach me to drive a stick shift. I didn't even get out of the driveway before I had stalled about four times! I was already frustrated and terrified. I finally made it out of the driveway and I was in the middle of the street, just stuck there! I started crying in the street by our house because I was so frustrated that I couldn't even move out of the road. I took a deep breath, and was able to slow down my foot while taking it off the clutch. I made it around the corner and down the street a little more before screaming and stalling again. I screamed everytime I stalled the car which was about every thirty seconds. We made it to the four way stop by our house and church had just gotten out so I had to keep waving to let everyone know that they could go. Someone actually pulled over and asked if we had broke down, but I just told them that I was trying to learn how to drive. After about twenty cars were out of the way, I was able to get out into the intersection without any cars coming. I screamed the whole way til I was clear of the intersection, and by this point I crying because I was laughing so hard. I made it down to the intermediate school in Santa Clara and my mom just made me stop and go in the parking lot. I was actually getting the hang of it, until the breaks started not working. I started freaking out, and told my mom that I think we should go back before the breaks go out and we can't stop. On our way back, the breaks got worse and I was unable to slow down while turning onto Red Mountain. I was screaming the whole way back to our house, and I ran the stop sign at the four way stop because I was too afraid to stop, and I didn't want to get stuck. I promised my mom that I would never learn to drive a stick. I think if I had a car that wasn't so crazy I would be able to do it, but I think automatic is just right for me because I'm such a blondie.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 9, 2011

Lately I've been really stressed, and I'm kinda afraid that it's only going to get worse tomorrow. This is our second week teaching our primary class. It's been so much fun, and I love all our children's. They are all such good listeners, and very sweet. Life has been pretty crazy the last two weeks, and we've planned our lessons while sitting in sacrament. I can't believe I'm admitting that, but I promise that I'm going to start planning our lesson on Tuesday of this week. We are going to be great primary teachers; just as soon as we get a routine down. It's just been very stressful, and sometimes I think to myself, " What am I doing in here?" and " I don't belong in here, and I'm not good with kids." Actually, I'm still kinda terrified of kids. Yes, even nine year olds. I guess I'm just feeling kinda stressed about this new experience. On top of that, school is starting this week, and I am totally committed to making good grades this semester. I'm just scared that I'm going to be even more stressed after this week. Plus, my car has something wrong with it, and I'm not able to drive it right now. I have no way to get to work or school, unless I hang out at work for an hour and Adam drops me off. I hate not having a car, and relying on someone to take me everywhere I need to go. Anyway, I just needed to vent for a minute. I hope 2011 gets better real soon! I hope everyone is doing good!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snow Day!

When I woke up yesterday morning my mom called and said that I better be cafeful on the roads today. When I asked "Why?" She said, "It snowed last night and the roads are icy." I replied," Yeah, whatever. I'll be careful." I didn't really believe her when she said that it snowed, until I looked outside and saw this....

I ran into our bedroom and said, "Adam! Look outside, it's snowing!" I couldn't believe it. We let Zoey outside but within minutes she was begging to come back inside where it was warm. I love snow so much, and I wish I lived somewhere that snowed all the time so I could always wear big warm furry coats.

Happy Haile Week!

The monday after Christmas the Haile's came to visit, and the party just kept on going! It was so much fun having them here, and I'm glad that I got to spend time with them during the week. On Monday after I got off work, we drove down to Las Vegas to pick up the Haile's at the airport. We could see Las Vegas when my mom called and told me there flight was being delayed until ten o'clock. We decided to run to Town Square and grab something to eat and shop a little before we had to be to the airport. When we pulled into the parking lot of Town Square my mom called again and said just kidding they are getting in at seven. It was almost six-thirty when we pulled into Town Square. I decided to run to Banana Republic and Abercrombie and Fitch real quick and find something to wear for New Years Eve. I ran through Town Square as fast as I could, I couldn't find anything I would wear in Banana Republic so I ran to Abercrombie and Fitch. I saw a sweater that I might wear and headed for the dressing room. I quickly tried it on, made sure it looked good on me, checked out and ran back to the car. The whole shopping trip took less than fifteen minutes. That must have been a record for me. I was kinda nervous about getting to the airport before the Haile's arrived because my dad had said that there was no where to park at the airport, but when we got there it seemed like there were no cars in the parking lot. We parked right by the entrance and ran for the baggage claim area. That was probably the least busy I have EVER seen that airport, I'm not exactly sure what my dad was thinking, but he is getting older. We met my mom and sister inside and held up signs that said Haile Yeah, and Hailelujah! It was so much fun, and we all got a good laugh. We were all so excited to see each other. After picking up all of our bags we all went over to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. We met my mom's brother Darrin and his family there, and we all enjoyed a scrumptious dinner. I'm so glad that me and Brin got to pick where we ate, or we might have gotten stuck at Joe's Crab Shack. Hahaha. After dinner Adam and I drove home to get some much needed rest, because the next day we were going SNOWBOARDING! The next day we got up early, got ready, loaded up the car and headed over to my mom's house so we could all leave together. My dad made us breakfast, and I changed into my snowboarding clothes. I was so excited to finally go snowboarding again. I got a brand new snowboard for Christmas two whole years ago and now I was finally going to use it. We all drove up to Brianhead, rented all the things we needed and headed out.

 Micah was patient, nice and helpful to Cody and Austin who had never snowboarded before. I remember how frustrating it can be trying to learn to snowboard. Adam hadn't snowboarded in five years but he picked it up very quick, and me and Holly were the first ones down the mountain. It was nice to get to know Holly more since I didn't get the chance when she came for my wedding. After a few runs down the mountain we packed up all of our things and headed home at closing time. On our way home we stopped in Cedar to eat at Brad's food hut. I had never eaten there, but it was pretty tasty. I sat in the middle betweeen my mom and dad and I felt like a little kid again. I love talking and goofing around with my dad. After getting back from snowboarding, Adam and I were so tried, so we decided to just go home and get some rest. On Wednesday, I had to work, but we went over to my mom's as soon as I was finished. We met at Durango's and had dinner with everyone. After that we all hung out for a while playing Karaoke on the Wii. We had a competition between me, my mom and Aunt Sharee and I won! We were all rolling on the floor when my mom and Aunt Sharee did a duet. I'm pretty sure they only knew the chorus of the song. When it was seven o' clock we went to the movies. Micah and Holly went to see The Tourist. Adam, Cody and Austin went to see True Grit. And Aunt Sharee, my mom and I went to see Tangled. It was so cute, and we all loved it! It was freezing and a blizzard that night so Adam and I drove home really slow after the movie. I worked again on Thursday and then went to lunch at Pizza Factory with my mom and Austin while everyone else went to Osaka. We aren't much of Japenese food people. After lunch we went over to my moms. I made hot spice punch and Holly made queso. We all played ImaginIff and ate a lot of junk food. After that we rented Salt and everyone cuddled up in the living room to watch it.

It was a such a good rainy day. The next day was New Years Eve, and I had to work. Again. I got off at two, curled my hair and went over to my mom's to get dressed and put on make up. After we were all ready my mom, me, Brin, Aunt Sharee and Kimber all went to Old Navy. I got Adam and nice warm coat and a cute shirt, and I bought a trench coat for me.

I also lost my phone under a pile of clothes, but we didn't get far before I realized it was gone and went to find it. At seven the boys were back from snowboarding and they all got ready to go to Las Vegas. We rode with my mom, Aunt Sharee and Austin down to Vegas. When we got to Vegas we went to my Uncle Darrin's house to drop off Austin and hang out for a little while. Me and Adam drove to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. After that we went back to my Uncle's house and rang in the New Year with my family. It was fun and pretty low key for being in Las Vegas. After midnight we made the drive home, and I was holding my eyelids open to help keep my mom awake. We finally got home at four a.m, and the next day we had to get up at eight to go snowboarding. I thought my brain was going to explode from lack of sleep. Kyle drove us up to Beaver Mountain to snowboard at Eagle Point. I had never been there so it was fun to go and explore.

 The drive up was fun with Kyle, Cody, Holly, Micah, me and Adam. We rode for a few hours and I was surprised how much more riding you get can get in when you don't have to stand in line. We were all exhausted at the end of the day, but I think it was the perfect start to a New Year! The next day was Sunday, and Adam and I taught our little primary kids for the first time. Maria's little sister Brooke is our class and she is so cute! We also have a lot of little kids in our class that live right across the street. It was so much fun, and really scary all at the same time. After church my mom called and asked if we wanted to ride with them to Las Vegas to go bowling with the whole family. I wasn't in the mood for anymore long car rides, so we decided to stay home and clean since we haven't been home since Christmas. We were sad that we missed everyone, and a fun game of bowling. On Monday before work my Aunt met us in the JB's parking lot to give us a hug before she went back to Texas. We are going to miss them so much! I can't wait until Christmas 2011, when we all take a road trip to Abilene to see my family! We missed my grandma and Uncle Roy, but we'll see them real soon!

Merry Christmas

I love Christmas so much! The music, food, lights, everyone is in a good mood, and I just get the warmest feelings inside. Christmas just keeps getting better and better. Adam and I have been together for two Christmases already! For Christmas eve we spent the night at my house with my mom and dad, Brinlee, Kyle and Kimber! Kimber is starting understand what Christmas is, and she was so much fun this year. On Christmas eve Adam and I both worked until three o'clock. I picked him up after work, and we drove to La Verkin. When we got to my mom's house we unloaded all of our presents, and had lots of wrapping to do. I think I spent about an hour wrapping all of our presents up. While I was wrapping my mom was busy making creamy potato soup for dinner. It was so good, and she made it from scratch. After dinner we all sat around the Christmas tree talking and laughing while we Elfed Ourselves. We were all cracking up so hard when my dad would dance as an elf. When everyone was ready we got to open our pajama's. Adam and I got matching fishin' jamma's. I love em', and they are so Adam since he loves to fish.

After he got in our pajama's and we goofed off for a little while it was time to go to bed. It was only ten-thirty, but I was so exhausted. I was so surprised I fell asleep so quickly. But, I will never ever do that again! I woke up at three-thirty in the morning, four-thirty, five-thirty and six-thirty! I just couldn't wait for Christmas morning. I'm still a little kid on Christmas. Finally, I just stayed awake and at seven o'clock I heard my sister awake, so I went and talked to her. I'll remember next year that I need to stay awake until at least one o'clock.

When I heard Kimber wake up I went in and got her out of bed. Brin wasn't ready to go out and open presents yet, so I just hung out with Kimber. I was so excited to see her reaction to all the presents under the tree. Finally, it was time to open presents! I always play Santa at our house and then I open all of my presents last. This year I got a gift card to Dillards, a pretty sweater, awesome shampoo and conditioner, lots of baking stuff, including the prettiest mixing bowl I have ever seen, a cookbook full of desserts, and a cooling rack! I got a piggy bank, some earrings, movies, a scentsy  and the cutest Willow Tree statue with a man and a women hugging. My mom always knows what to get me. Adam got a new white cuff link shirt, a fly fishing how-to book, lots of candy, a gift card to best buy and probably many more cool things that I don't remember. After opening presents my dad make pancakes. My dad makes the best pancakes in the world. His specialty is breakfast, maybe thats why I hate eating breakfast at restaurants. I made hot spice punch for my family, and they loved it as much as I do! It's a new tradition in my family now.

Later that afternoon we drove up the Pine Valley to open presents with Adam's family. I was so happy that all of his family was still there when we got there. We all sat around in the living room opening presents and having a good time. I got SO many great things at the Herpel's, and everyone in his family is so sweet. I finally got a waffle maker, a knitting kit, lots of bath and body works stuff, a new pair of jeans, and a membership to Costco. Adam got cuff links, cologne, somecool drawings from original tv shows, and lots of other stuff. When it was time for dinner Adam's grandparents came over and ate with us. It was so much fun to have everyone there talkin' and laughin' together. After dinner we played Apples to Apples until we ran out cards. Adam's siblings are the best to hang out with. We all laughed until it hurt.

We had a great Christmas, and we are so blessed that we got to spend it our families. I'm so grateful for everyone in both of our families. I'm so glad that there are little kids in my family, so that I can watch them rip open the toys they asked Santa for Christmas. Both Kimber and Ayla are the prettiest, sweetest little girls. I'm glad that I got to spend Christmas with Adam. I love him so much. He's always so grateful, humble, loving and kind. I feel like I have everything I have ever wanted, and that I couldn't possibly ask for anything more.  We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that everyone has a Happy New Year.

So Busy!

The week before Christmas was so busy with Christmas parties, last minute Christmas shopping, and dreaded finals for school. On Monday I took my History final, and I passed. Barely. I'm not really very good at learning History. I guess I just get bored and zone out, but oh well, cause I never have to do that again. On Tuesday after work I went with Krista up to Cedar for Chelsea's bridal shower. It was a lot of fun, and I could tell Chelsea was so excited to be getting married on Saturday. We played a game, and ate some really good food. Chelsea opened her presents, and we all just talked. It was nice to hang out with a bunch of girls. That same night Adam took his math final. He passed and got a good grade in math! I'm really proud of him for working so hard in his class. On Wednesday, I had to make mexican chef salad for Adam's work Christmas party. It was really fun to go hang out with his co-workers. They are all so funny and nice. We ate a good Christmas dinner, and played Bunco, and somehow we both lost. We had a lot of fun that night. On Thursday, I cleaned, and cleaned forever. I wanted our house to be clean for Christmas, and so I stayed up half the night to get it spotless. On Saturday, we finally got to finish our Christmas shopping. We went everywhere! I love Christmas shopping so much, and it was the highlight of my week. After we found gifts for everyone on our list we drove to Cedar City for Chelsea's wedding. It was so pretty. She had a peacock theme, and the church looked so beautiful. She looked so gorgeous in her dress, and the music she picked was perfect. Her wedding food was awesome too! She did such an awesome job at planning. On our way home it was windy, cold and raining like crazy! It felt it Christmas in Cedar! I'm glad we survived this week and I couldn't wait for Christmas to get here!

'Tis The Season ( Don't worry this post is kinda late.)

The week before Christmas was so crazy busy for us, but we got to spend a lot of time together. This is my most favorite time of year, I always get the warmest fuzzies inside. Since I helped my mom put up her Christmas lights and Christmas tree, I thought I would be okay with not buying our own lights and tree this year, but after a few weeks I decided I did need one. While I was taking my History final for school, Adam went out and bought some lights and a tree. When I came home I could see a few lights in the front yard. I went outside to look at them, and discovered that he had only bought one strand of one- hundred lights for about six bushes. He wound them around two bushes, only in the middle, about two times. I went inside and asked him why only two bushes were lit up. He said, " Well I bought a box of one hundred lights, and I thought a hundred would be A LOT." I just looked at him and said, " Obviously, you've never decorated for Christmas, and next time you should just leave it up to me. "

When I walked into the living room, I noticed this sitting on top of our entertainment center.....
All I could say was, " What the heck is that thing?" I couldn't stop laughing when Adam told me it was our Christmas tree. He said it was from Charlie Brown Christmas, but since I've never seen that I guess I just don't get it. I took it down from our entertainment center because I had some cute decorations up there and our "Christmas tree" was ruining it. Now everytime I walk into the living room and see that goofy looking tree I just have to laugh.

This was the only decorating at our house I did this year. My mom gave me these decorations for helping her set up her Christmas stuff. I will never ever forget me and Adam's first Christmas together. I'll always look back and laugh at that Christmas tree, and I'll probably have to get it out every Christmas from now on. Next year, I'll be doing all the decorating though.