Thursday, March 24, 2011


I also forget to say that a few days after Spring Break, Adam sold the Saturn! I was really excited because that meant I could get the capris I've been dying to have from Dillard's. Also, we can put that money towards paying off the rest of our cruise in June! Oh, and I don't have to look at the ugly Saturn EVER again.

Spring Break!

I love Spring Break! I have such fun memories of spring break from high school. I was in a serious need of a week without anything to do this semester. On Saturday, when I woke up I noticed that Adam had had put little Dixie cups with dirt into the window in his "man" room. At first I thought, "what the heck?" then I thought, "Oh, cute. Adam is trying to grow a garden."  
A few days later I checked in one of the cups and it actually had a real live plant growing in it! I was so shocked. I've tried to grow things from seeds so many times, and I never got anything! His plants are growing a lot, and he built some planter boxes in the backyard. I'm excited to see if we actually get some vegetables from this little garden. Krista and I had a really good laugh about Adam gardening. I think it's just so cute how serious he is about it.
Later that morning, I went to Zumba and Adam lifted weights at the gym. After our workout we decided to go hike at Chuckwalla. We wanted to do some repelling, but there was already a gazillion people there. So, we just decided to hike the trail. It was such a perfect day! It was like 72 degree's outside, with lots of sunshine.

After our hike we played mini golf at Fiesta Fun. Adam kicked my butt, and I didn't even get my lucky hole-in-one on the last hole. That meant that Adam got to choose where we ate for dinner.

Unfortunately, Adam got a hole-in-one, and he chose to eat at Winger's. I haven't been there for such a long time, but I'm pretty sure that will be the last time I ever eat there. After dinner, we got swirl cones at Artic Circle and went home. It was such a busy day, filled with lots of fun!

On Tuesday night, Adam and I made a late night run to the grocery store for supplies to make chocolate chip cookies. They turned out really good. Adam is the gardner and baker in our family. How sad, right? I just read the recipe and cracked the eggs, and rolled the dough into balls. It was fun staying up late (since we never do) cooking together, and it was fun to do something spontaneous.

On Wednesday, my best friend Krista came home from California, so we decided to make dinner together and then go for a bike ride. We watched Dr. Phil on my couch until the chicken was done unthawing. After that, we started cooking. We cooked Chicken-bacon stuffed pizza rolls, and they turned out so good! Krista and I always have fun cooking together and we always laugh at each other.

This was the first time I'd ever tried this recipe, but we loved it! It was so good. After dinner, Adam pumped up our bike tires and Krista and I rode our bikes around Santa Clara. It was the perfect time of night for a bike ride.

After riding our bikes, and swinging at the Elementary Krista and I went to Golden Spoon and got Blueberry-Pomegranite frozen yogurt. It tasted like the push-pops we used to get from the ice cream man when we were kids. It was so much fun hanging out together! I'm trying to soak up every little Krista minute I can, before she leaves for Brazil.

On Saturday, I moved our cats outside. It's been kinda hard for Zoey to live outside, she liked it better when she could cuddle with me at night. But it's been nice not to have a litter box, and cat fur all over the furniture. I spend all day and almost all night doing laundry and trying to clean up our house.

On Sunday, after we taught our cute primary kids about praying, we drove to Pine Valley to see Adam's brother's become Elder's. We ate lunch at Adam's parents with his grandparents and Aunt and Uncle. We had so much fun, as always. I'm really proud of Spencer and Mckay for choosing to serve missions. They are both going to Mexico. I'm so excited for them! They will be leaving August. 3, that seems like such a short time away.

After coming home from Pine Valley I wanted to make some more cookies. While I was making cookies and dancing to Ricky Martin songs, I noticed that I didn't have any brown sugar. I called Krista to see if I could borrow some brown sugar from them, and invited her over for some cookie making, Ricky Martin fun. While the cookies were baking, we danced to Justin Bieber, Aqua, NSYNC, Britney Spears and Counting Crows. We were copying all of NSYNC's awesome dance moves, and laughing so hard. It was the perfect end to Spring Break. It was so hard to get up at 5:30 again on Monday morning, hopefully it will get easier again!