Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Year Anniversary

I've dated just about every type of guy you can imagine. First, there was the rich guy, addicted to pain killers, the catholic one who is a never ending partier, who also happens to be the liar and the baby daddy. Then there was the older, more mature, boring accountant. The guy who just couldn't committ and finally, the too soon returned missionary  At this point I knew boys were dumb, and I didn't want to seriously date anymore of them. Needless to say, I had many summer flings.

Sista Krista told me one day, "Once you stop looking, Kenna, then he'll find you." I just smiled and laughed. But she was right, and I was absolutely surprised. I thought that it was to good to be true. It was July 24, 2009. My mom had bought me two tickets to Secondhand Serenade, and I asked Krista to come with me. We ate dinner at Pizza Factory before the concert, and I asked, " Do you really wanna go? It's probably just going to be a ton of angry, emo tweens." We both laughed, but decided just to go and see who was there. There wasn't a shortage of angry tweens, but there was two guys that Krista knew. We walked down to the grassy dirt where they were throwing around a football. Their names were Dan and Adam. We threw the football around with them for awhile, and danced next to the speaker. By the end of the night Adam had three people telling him he should ask for my number. So, he finally did. And we skipped all the way to my car. I have Sista Krista, Tiffani and Dan to thank for introducing me to Adam.

One week later I was still waiting for him to ask me on a date. He called one day and asked if I wanted to hang out. I still remember having the butterflies while I did my hair, and made sure my make up and my outfit was perfect. I was nervous and excited as I drove from my house to his. I got lost on my way there, and had to call him to find out where to go. He'd spent all day cleaning his apartment so that it looked good when I came over. I just thought that was really sweet. On our first date, we went to Iceberg and shared a mint chocolate chip shake, after that we went back to his house and watched The Knowing. Which we both thought was the dumbest and funniest movie we'd ever seen. After the movie we climbed the Dixie rock and talked for hours. At four a.m I told him I'd better go, because I only had 4 hours before I had to be packed and ready to go for Mexico.

Mexico was so far one of the best vacations I've ever been on. And Adam asked me to call him everynight while I was there. And my two-hundred dollar phone bill was worth it. I caught myself a few times thinking, I wish Adam could see this, or, Adam would love doing this!

One month after I came home from Mexico, and we'd spend every possible hour together, I remember sitting on his couch together. Football was on the tv, but we weren't really watching. He asked me, "How much do you like me?" I gave him a confused look and said, " I like you a lot. How much do you like me?" He replied, "a lot. Do you think that you love me?" I slowly answered saying, " I think it might be a little soon to say that. Why? Do you love me?" He said, "yes." I quickly and responded with excitment, "Oh my gosh, I love you, too!"

Three weeks later we were laying on his bed talking, when he asked, "Do you wanna marry me?" I gave him the same confused look I did before and said, "I don't know. Do you wanna marry me?" He said, "yes." And I said with excitement, "I wanna marry you, too."It's funny how you just know. I was afraid of sounding dumb when he asked me these things, but I shouldn't have. I knew that I loved him and wanted to marry him.

Two months later he asked me to marry him, for reals this time. On the very top of Angel's Landing. And I knew that we were meant to be together, and that we were both supposed to meet that night.

Adam told me that he won the Secondhand Serenade tickets off the radio, and that he was going to ask the girl he'd been dating, but she had other plans. He wasn't going to go, but his roomate Dan agreed to go with him. What are the chances that we both weren't going to go, but our friends talked us into it? He also told me it took him a week to call me because he had to figure out a way to kindly dump this other girl.

On June 4th, 2010 we got married in the St. George LDS Temple. It was the happiest day of my life, and I'll always remember the feeling I had looking at my new husband over the alter, and as we drove away from our reception. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my family and friends, who came to celebrate with us. And for my mom and dad, helping me plan the most important best day of my life, which it most certainly was.

This year, we both decided to go on a cruise for our one year anniversary. We booked a three day cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. We booked it in January, and couldn't wait to go! We had so fun, and it was such a nice vacation from school and work. We left early Friday morning on June 3rd. Adam and I always have fun driving. Probably more fun for me because I'm always dancing to Katy Perry, or Taylor Swift, while buckled into my seatbelt, of course. Our bananas survived the fruit police, so that was good news.We arrived at the Long Beach port around noon. I was getting all excited as we pulled into the port. We went through security and we both had to lie about being sick, which I felt really bad about, but it was better than being kicked off the ship or being checked by some creeper ship doctor. I'm just glad they didn't go through our suitcase which had a large supply or Dayquil and tissues. That would have been a dead giveaway.

We boarded the ship, and had lunch at the buffet until 1:30 when we were allowed to go to our room. I'm a such a picky eater, I really wish I could change this, but I just can't. So I ate salad, cheesecake and chocolate cake. At 2 o'clock we went to check out our room. It was way bigger than I thought it would be! And we Even had a little port hole window and a window ledge as big as a bed. Adam named it the Port of Love. We took a short nap, and then went to the pool deck for the Sail Away party. We left the port around six and we were on our way! We went to a little orientation about what would be going on during the adventure. We also had to go to the safety briefing, just in case we like hit an iceberg. Later that night we went to dinner. Our table was awesome. There was three other couples on our table, all of them from California. They were really funny, and not retardly drunk. It was fun to get to know them. I ate a really good spinach soup, and a really weird lasagna that I didn't wanna eat. My mom makes way better lasagna. I don't know what bolognese means, but I'm pretty sure I don't like it. I also had key lime pie, cause you can't go on vacation without key lime pie.

Adam in the Port of Love
The next day was our anniversary. We got up early, went to breakfast, and I ate pancakes, and a grapefruit I like breakfast food, and most of them are safe to eat. After breakfast we got ready to go to Ensenada. When we got off there was a little shop with a bunch of trinkets. We hopped on a bus and drove into town. They dropped us off in the middle of the city, and we were ready to explore. Ensenada wasn't as dirty or scary as I thought it would be, but it was still dirty and scary. We walked past a restuarant with a sign out front that said," Buy a drink, with a happy ending, and get a free boyfriend." I'm not even joking. I laughed so hard everytime we passed this sign. I bought some coral pink earrings, and Adam bought a nacho libre mask.

The Baja 500 was in town while we were there, so we spent some time watching the race. Apparently, Jesse James races in that race, but since he cheated on Sandra, who cares, right? Adam bought a shirt that said Baja 500. I noticed this ambulance with it's lights on, and I thought it was going to get someone who was hurt. Then I looked closer and saw that the guys inside were wearing helmets.
We walked back to the boat and ate some of the best churros I've ever tasted. Even better than Disneyland.

Before we got on the boat, I noticed a little hut with something sleeping in a crib. I almost freaked when I saw that it was a baby tiger. I asked how much it was to have my picture taken with it. Only $25.00 sounded like a good deal to me. He was the sweetest little thing, and I loved cuddling him.

When we got back to the boat we ate lunch, I ate a grilled cheese sandwhich. Some drunk guy tried to tell me it wasn't cool to order a grilled cheese sandwhich on vacation, but I just told him that it had ham on it too. I also ate enough dessert for two people. After lunch we went back to our room and had a nap and watched the Bachelorette, since I missed last weeks. That night, we ate at the buffet because we didn't want to be late to go play Bingo! Our favorite thing ever! We won ten dollars, woot woot. Then we watched the cheesiest country dance show I've ever seen, but I felt bad leaving, so even though it was painful we stayed the entire time. We ran out as soon as it was over and went to the lounge to see the comedian. He was hilarious!

The next day, we spent the whole day at sea. We slept in, and went to breakfast in our pajama's. I had mixed fruit, and waffles and some normal food, lucky charms. We went back to our room and changed into our swimsuits. The pool deck was busy, so we went to the front of the boat, where there was a hot tub, and the most comfortable lounge chairs ever. It was quiet and peaceful up there. Everyone was just reading a book and enjoying the view. I took a really long nap, and was soaking up the sun. That afternoon we had lunch. I found the pizza bar, on the last day of sea! It was so good. Finally, something that I would actually eat. I also eat enough dessert for at least two people. We went back to our room and got dressed, while we were waiting for dinner we went to the casino, we lost some dollars and lots of quarters, but we had fun. We also played miniture golf on the upper deck. Adam kicked my butt. Although, I don't really think it was fair, the boat was totally totally swaying side to side. We had dinner in the dining room with our table. I ordered some fruit and fried chicken with mashed potatoes, unforunatly it was dark meat, and had a bone it. I have a serious problem with dark meat and bones in my meat, I just can't do it. So I ate the most delicous chocolate cake instead. We laughed at one of the guys who ordered some weird salmon that looked more like a fruit roll up. We all enjoyed his unpleasant faces. The table that sat behind us was really obnoxious, and totally drunk. One of the couples was putting their fish eggs onto a spoon and flinging it onto their table. We all started laughing so hard. Dinner was my favorite part of the cruise. The waiters did a dance everynight. Some of the waiters even danced on the table. It was so funny, and I really loved all the couples that were at our table. After dinner we went to two more of the comedy shows.

The next day we got up early, packed up our stuff, and enjoyed a nice quiet breakfast with each other. I just wanted some lucky charms. I just wanted some normal food. Every day, at every meal I got asked, "That's all you want?" by several of the waiters. On the cruise we also got asked every five seconds if we wanted to have our picture taken by some fake background. I thought broccoli soup, lasagna and key lime pie was a lot of food? After waiting for an hour in the lobby we got to leave the ship. I'm not very good at waiting, if you kick me out of my room. We went through customs, and were on our way. We stopped in Las Vegas, where we had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen with our friend Devon. I can't go to Vegas without stopping at Town Square. After dinner we drove the rest of the way home. We home around 8 o'clock and we were so ready to go to bed.

The next day, when I came home from work, I found this sitting on our counter.

Adam unfrosted it, and so I cut a piece out and we tasted it. It tasted like one year old spongebob cake.

Our anniversary was so great. Everything about it was perfect. I'm so blessed to have Adam in my life. He is so loving, kind, funny, smart, handsome, sweet, hard working. He's everything that I spent so long looking for. He always knows how to make my day. He's always bringing me home little surprises that he'll know I'll love. I'll never forget coming home from work, and seeing a balloon with some sour patch kids on our bed. That was my one week anniversary gift, and every week after that was just as special, and we grew closer and closer together throughout the year. They say the first year is the hardest, if that's true, than forever is going to a piece of cake. I love Adam so much. I was driving to my workout class at six the other morning thinking about how much I loved Adam, and I suddenly got butterflies, just like the way I did driving to his house on our first date. I miss him when were not together, and I'm never happier than when were cuddling on the couch together watching Pawn Stars or American Pickers. Who knew, that when you just stop looking, the best thing will suddenly come into your life.

I also need to thank Adam for helping me discover my love for cooking. It seemed like everyone had their own thing. Photograghy, graphic design, music, art, jewlery making. Everyone was good at something. Except me. I didn't know what I was good at. When I married Adam, I started cooking every night. It relieved my stress, and I felt good cooking something nutritious and that tasted good. I loved cooking for my husband. I had finally found something that was my thing, and that I was good at. Adam even puts up with my love for name brand food products, kinda. I guess he can't complain if I'm doing the cooking. He even supported me when I wanted to go to cooking school. I know he's always gonna be there, supporting me, through whatever I decided to do, and I love that about him.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Worst. Day. Ever.

  • Today we found that Adam's Mini Cooper has a air conditioning problem, and it may cost around $2,000 dollars to fix. Did I ever mention that I hate forgein cars? So, that means we will canceling all our summer plans. (4th of July camping trips, Kenny Chesney concert tickets in Salt Lake, numerous trips to the swimming pool, visits to Las Vegas, and we will probably be living on microwave bean burritos for the next few months.) I've been crying since about 5 o'clock this afternoon.
  • I wish so bad right now that I could walk across the street, knock on Sista Krista's door and give her a big hug. She always knew what to say to make it seem like this wasn't the end of the world. (Which I totally know that it's not, but she always made me laugh, and I always felt better after talking to her.) I wrote her a letter tonght, and that made me feel a little better.
  • My F key on my keyboard is broken, and it keeps popping off and me spell weird words. I'm trying to avoid the words with the letter F in them.
  • I hate when you cry, and then your nose gets stuffed up. Why does this happen?
  • I also it when you eat really hot pizza, and all the toppings come off all at once and slaps your chin. That hurts really bad. Does that happen to anyone else, or just me?
  • I wish I could hug my mom right now.
  • And my dad, too.
  • Today in an effort to cheer me up, I went to Olive Garden and orded their Black Tie Mousse Cake. It's my favorite chocolate dessert, and I can't really ever leave until I eat it. But today, it didn't taste the same, and it just made me feel fat.

     On a happier note, when we do finally go back to eating normal food, I'm going to start eating really healthy, and changing our eating hiabits for good. I'm not talking about going on some crazy weird diet, or never eating Olive Garden's black tie mouse cake, or the vanilla bean cupcake from sweet tooth fairy, or my usual or unusual amount of bread. But I just want to eat those in moderation. Usually I eat a little bit of dinner, and two servings of dessert. Which probably isn't good, and I have a serious fear of diabetes for some reason. But I want us to be happy, and our kids to be healthy. I'm fascinated with nutrition, and I know alot about it, but I also have strong cravings for Ben and Jerry's Karmal Sutra ice cream, too. I just want to know that I did everything possible to keep my kids from getting my sweet tooth. This makes me excited because I love to cook and I love nutrition.

    On an even happier note, Adam and I got to go on our first cruise ever. We went to Mexico. How blessed are we?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Double Trouble!

On May 28th, this little red-headed nugget turned TWO!
I can't believe she is already two years old! She is the cutest, funniest, sweetest little girl you will ever meet!
This little nugget also turned THIRTY on the 28th!
And this pretty girl threw them both a fabulous party!
There birthday party was at Sand Hollow Aquatic Center, and it was so much fun! I love swim parties! All the little kids loved the slide, and it was fun to just swim around and hanging out with everyone. We ate pizza on the patio out back, and swam for a while. Kyle and Kimber opened their presents, and we ate cake after swimming. It was such a fun party! My sister was a good host, and Adam and I had a blast!
                 I'm 100% positive that they are the cutest family EVER!           

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Adam!

May is totally birthday month in our family! On May 20th, Adam turned twenty-five! His birthday was a very fun but very stressfull event. I begged him to just go to dinner with all of our friends, but he wasn't having it, he wanted to have a birthday camp out. So, about three months before his birthday I started saving money and planning out this camp out. On the morning of his birthday, Adam called his mom about four times before 11 a.m. checking to see if it was raining in Pine Valley. Adam had reserved a spot at the campground up there, and he wanted everything to be perfect. About the millionth time Adam called his mom, she said it was raining. He was kinda bummed, but we just kept going with the plan. I got up early and made his favorite Fun Fetty cake, and some peanut butter bars, packed up our camping stuff, and did some last minute shopping. We also had to make some meat patties. Adam made me help him, even though he knows I have a fear of raw meat. We were actually laughing pretty hard while doing this. We left for Pine Valley about 2 p.m. Everything was okay, until we turned onto the road towards Pine Valley. Suddenly there was snow and slush on the ground and it was like a tornado outside. This crazy weather was ruining our BBQ and our campout. I begged Adam to just BBQ at his parents and let us go home. I was afraid we were going to freeze to death overnight. He said that since it was his birthday, and he already paid for the site we were staying. The only thing I could do was say, "you're right." I was not looking forward to sleeping in the snow though.
We drove over to our campsite to set up our tent. Adam and I prayed that it would clear up so that we could still have fun. As we were unloading the car, the sky started to become clear, and surrounding our campsite was all sunshine! It was a miracle, it even got warm enough to wear only one jacket! Just when Adam and I were getting back into the car, there was a few raindrops on our windsheild. I'm so thankful for the Herpel family, who live in Pine Valley. They let us BBQ and invite everyone over to their house, instead of BBQ in the snow. Everyone came over to the Herpel's, and I was so glad that my parents came up. It was so great to have everyone there to celebrate Adam's birthday. We had hamburgers, my dad's famous potato salad, watermelon, broccoli salad, chips, vegetables and lots of cake! After dinner Adam opened his presents. He got bullets, a sportsman warehouse gift card, money and some Lego's. After visiting with everyone we went over to the campsite. It wasn't raining anymore, so we were able to make smores and hang out around the campfire. It was still freezing though! We had so much fun talking and laughing with both of our families. Later that night our good friends Devon and Vanessa came up and camped with us. I think they froze in their truck that night. I felt so bad for them. My parents slept in the back of the truck, and I know they slept warm and cozy, since my dad is surviorman. And to my surprise, I slept so good and I was warm. The next morning we had muffins and fruit and sat around the campfire. Adam and Devon did a little fishing, and all the guys went shooting, while the girls hung out. I was so worried that the rain was going to ruin Adam's birthday, but we actually had so much fun! We're thankful for all of our friends for coming and braving the cold with us!

Unfortunately, these were the only pictures I took at Adam's birthday, but at least these are an improvement from last year! My husband is so hot when he's grillin'. He knows how to make a good hamburger!

Here a few things I love about my husband:
  • He is always optimistic. Even if it is snowing on his birthday camp out, he doesn't let anything get him down. He never gets upset, he just goes along with whatever is happening.
  • He is so handsome
  • He thinks Ryan Seacrest stole his hair style
  • He's so sweet, caring and fun to be around. He always makes sure that everyone feels included.
  • He can set up a tent in record time
  • He works hard everyday. Whether it's doing his best at work, working on the yard, doing the dishes, or straightening around the house. He's always doing something to help make my life easier.
  • He always let me know that he's grateful for what I do for him.
  • I love his laugh, his real laugh. When something is really funny, he laughs really hard, and it's contagious.
  • He secretly likes to watch The Bachelor and The Kardashians.
  • He loves to be outside. Fishing, hiking, shooting, camping, riding bikes, swimming. We both share the same love for being outside.
  • He loves me. So much!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mark!

On May 14th we celebrated Adam's dad's birthday! KaLynn always throws a fun party! At 5:30 we met everyone at the park for some KFC and cheesecake. It was perfect weather besides the wind. It was nice to just be outside hanging out with Adam's family. Everyone of them is so great! After dinner Mark opened his presents. We gave him a card that said WARNING do not lose this card, and on the inside it said, it's your present! We got had a good laugh, but we really got him some pirate legos. I think he liked them. We enjoyed talking with everyone and celebrating Mark's birthday.
Before going over to the park, my mom took us to Olive Garden and we got to eat with three gorgeous girls! We had way too much fun laughing at silly Kimber saying, "red hair" over and over again! She's the cutest!