Friday, August 26, 2011

The end of Summer

Summer is ending, and school is starting. Since we only have a swamp cooler, and it's extremely hot in our house, I thought I was excited for fall and winter to get here. But, yesterday I saw a tv commercial about summer. Everyone was playing in the water, hanging out on the beach around a camp fire, it was hot, and everyone just looked so free. It kinda made me sad that summer is already over, and we have to go back to school. Then I thought of all the fun things that were coming up in fall and winter, and I felt better.

This summer has been so good though, we've got to do so many fun things, and we have had so many fun adventures.

  • We got to go on a cruise. First one for both of us. It was so relaxing, and the perfect vacation. We can't wait to go on another one.
  • Celebrated our first anniversary.
  • We went on several camping trips to escape the heat.
  • We went swimming a few times.
  • Celebrated Adam's 25th birthday.
  • Had a slumber party with Adam's little brothers.
  • Said goodbye to Spencer and Mckay for a whole two years while they serve their missions in Mexico.
  • We have sent so many letters to the MTC and to Brazil.
  • Went to the Washington County Fair.
  • Adam has gotten some tomatoes off his tomato plants.
  • And we started school.
     This summer has been busy, and at times I felt like I was in school with the amount of stress I was dealing with at certain times. I took summer semester off, and by the end of summer I was starting to get bored. That has given me motivation to try really hard this sememester. Also, I only have two more semesters of school. It's about time, right? But I'm way excited. Adam and I are both taking CIS, and I'm taking geology. I think it's going to be a fun semester.

    The Washington County Fair was really fun. My parents invited us to the Demolitian Derby. It was hilarious. My mom and I were screaming, and laughing so hard. We also ate some fair food, and I tasted fried oreos for the first time. They were delicious. We were going to ride some rides, but I didn't  want to wait in line. We also watched a good firework show after the Demolitian Derby. I'm so happy that my parents invited us, we love them.

At the beginning on the summer Adam and I decided that we might want to start looking at houses to buy. It sounded kinda crazy at first, but it turned out to be a good idea. Adam's mom and grandpa have helped us so much. They have given us so much advice, and have come with us whenever we wanted to go look at a house. We looked at a few that were good, but a little bit beat up. Why do people think it's okay to just move and leave the things they don't want anymore just lying in the room. And some people just left and didn't clean anything. It's really gross. My mom mentioned to me that her visiting teacher's house was for sell, but I told her that it was probably way out of our price range. Later that day my mom and I were looking at the MLS, when we noticed her neighbors house on the list, and it was within our price range! I almost peed my pants with excitement. It was at the top of our price range, but we could do it. We looked at the house, and I fell in love. We now have an offer on it, and we are waiting to hear what happens next. I feel like that house is just for us, it's been on the MLS for such a long time, and it's so close to my mom. We're just praying that everything works out.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

No Shoes, No shirt, No problems!

 That is one of my favorite Kenny Chesney songs. Everytime I hear it on the radio, the first tropical notes, I turn it up. Really loud. Thanks to my mom, we got to see Kenny live, in real life. I've seen him before, but it was in Canada. And we were up so high I probably could have touched the ceiling. Anyways, it was so much fun, and I love the way Kenny's music makes you feel. His lyrics are really so good.  No matter what he's singing about.

The night before the concert my sister came and stayed with us over night. The next morning we all get up, crammed into the car and started the drive to Salt Lake. I sat up front with my sister while she drove. It was fun to just have a conversation with her. The ride didn't even feel like very long, cause me and my sister were talking so much. I'm so grateful for my sister and Kyle for letting us ride with them. Thanks, guys!

When we got to the hotel we where going to be staying at, we unpacked our things and went up to my mom's room. Adam and I were going to be sharing a room with my mom, dad and Aunt Sharee. It was going to be the party room, for sure. We all hurried and got ready, and went to dinner at Subway across the street. Then we headed to Usana Ampitheatre. I've never been to a concert there, but it was really nice.

My mom had seats on the front row. She got to touch Kenny, and I'm pretty sure she was drooling over him the whole time. Our seats were on the grass back a little further. The weather was kinda nice. It was a little windy, and almost raining. But it wasn't very hot, which was a nice change from the hot/humid weather in St. George. We had fun taking pictures, and eating cotton candy while we waited for the concert to start.

When the concert started Billy Currington opened the show. He is so great. I saw him in St. George in the Sun Bowl when he was just starting out. That concert was fun, and he was just as fun this time around. Oh, that's him, on the far right. I zoomed in so much that everything was blurry, so I just took the picture. And I got him!
After Billy Currington, it was Kenny's turn! Kenny somehow makes you feel like we're all friends, here to have a good time. And besides some wannabe, rude cowboys, we had so much fun! We danced, and sang to all of Kenny's best songs. At first I was worried because when Kenny left the stage, he hadn't sung Adam's favorite song, Boys Of Fall. I wanted him to sing it so bad, cause I knew that it was Adam's favorite. Well, Kenny came back out and sang his song. Adam was so happy. Also, somethin' kinda funny. I took this picture of Kenny, and if you look REALLY close you can see some big hair and a orange shirt. Yeah, that's my mom, all the way on the front row.

After the concert, we crammed back into the car and went back to our hotel. We got home around midnight, and we were starvin'. My mom, me and Aunt Sharee went down to the little store for a treat, but we decided to call for pizza instead. They delivered our pizza at like 2 p.m. almost. It was delicous. And we all stayed up talking and hanging out together. The next morning, my dad woke us up WAY to early and we all got ready. My mom, Aunt Sharee, Adam and I went down to eat breakfast. I love free hotel breakfasts, not because it's free. But because I love the little cereals and bagels, and it's just fun to eat somewhere that your staying. Anyways, after breakfast we got in the car and my dad drove us all over the whole world. That's what it felt like, but we really just went up to Snowbird ski resort. I loved it up there. I wanna go snowboarding there so bad! And I also found my future neighborhood. I also couldn't believe there was still snow up there in July. What the?
After coming back from Snowbird, we stopped at In-N-Out for lunch. I was sad because the Sweet Tooth Fairy across the street was closed. We got back in the car, and drove all the way to Neiphi and through Manti/Ephraim. That is like a two hour detour. After that we turned off onto some mystery road, and magically appeared on top of Cedar mountain at my dad's campsite. We dropped him off and picked up my mom's Honda. Adam and I drove home with my mom and Aunt Sharee and they dropped us off at like 9 p.m. We were pretty happy to be home.

But even though it was a very long car ride, we got to see some really pretty scenery, and hang out with my mom and dad and Aunt Sharee. Thank you, mom for letting us tag along on the Annual Sisters and Kenny Tour. We love ya!