Sunday, May 9, 2010

October 2009

In October we bought an annual pass to Zion since we are only about twenty minutes away. We hiked Emerald Pool's and Weeping rocks. They are both beautiful hikes, and the scenery was beautiful with all of the colorful leaves.

I love carving pumpkins, ever since I was kid my mom would crave my pumpkin into the shape of a kitty's face. It was always so cute, and i just loved it every year. Adam wouldn't let us carve our pumpkin into a cat this year, so it turned out the be a spider.

For Halloween Adam and I dressed up as Hugh Hefner and a bunny. We decided to go to Las Vegas and hang out on the strip. I wasn't sure if it was going to be fun, but we ended up having a blast!

We also dressed up our kitty like a chicken. He hated it, but we all got a good laugh.

The next day we went to the NHRA drag races. My family goes every year in April and October. We ate breakfast early that morning at the Cracked egg. Yum, raspberry stuffed french toast. The weather was awesome and it was fun to hang out with my family. My dad loves going and he knows everything about it. It's fun to go and cheer on Ashley and John Force and listen to all of the loud cars.

September 2009

In September we went to the Dixie Round up. My family goes every year and we always have a blast. It was really windy so we didn't stay very long.

On Labor Day weekend we went camping on Cedar Mountain with my family. The weather was perfect all weekend. My dad took us on a four-wheeler ride, he cooked us delicious camping food and we hung out with my family. My dad and I built a camp fire and we roasted marsh mellows and made smores. I bought Adam a Smokey Joe and a dutch oven and we can't wait to go camping as a married couple.

I think...

That I have the best Mom ever! She really is my best friend, and we hardly ever get mad at each other anymore. I'm not sure what happened, I think maybe it's because I'm growing up and leaving home in less than one whole month. My mom is beautiful, and I am glad that I look so much like her. She gives the greatest advice. I am always calling her up to ask her opinion about school, friends and finances. Lately, I've been calling her two or three times daily, asking her about cakes, flowers, rentals, favors, colors, invitations etc. She answers every single call. I know I take up a lot of her time but I appriciate her taking time out of her busy day to tell her about the latest wedding drama. My mom is so intelligent. I hope someday I will know as much as she does. My mom and I think so much alike, sometimes I swear we share the same brain. I'm going to miss living under the same roof as her, but we'll just continue to get in trouble for talking too much at work. I hope she has had a wonderful Mother's Day. I hope she knows how much I appriciate all she does for me, and how much I love her. She is an amazing woman, and she has taught me so much. I LOVE YOU MOM!