Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red, White and Blue

I love the 4th of July. It's one of my favorite holidays. Ever since I can remember our family has gone camping on the 4th of July. This year we went camping on Cedar Mountain. We left on Saturday after Adam got off work. The drive up there is one of my favorites. The trees, mountains and fresh air are so great! When we got there around 6 p.m. my parents were still gone on there 9 hour four wheeler ride. My Aunt Kathy and Unc were so nice. They let us eat chicken and delicious dutch oven potatoes with them. Camping food is so good. My parents finally showed up, and me and Adam set up our tent. We hung out with the Raymer's for a while, and then we went in our trailor and made sandwhiches and talked about aliens. Around 10 p.m we went to sleep. Our air mattress is awesome, and we were so warm in our cozy sleeping bags. In the morning my dad made breakfast, and then we all headed out on the four wheelers. It was so much fun. We drove over to Strawberry point, and besides all the dust, and it being a million degrees outside, we had a blast! When we got back my mom and I took a nap on the hammocks, and Unc poured water on my mom's head, and she blamed my dad for it. We all laughed really hard because she amost fell off the hammock. My sister, Kimber and Kyle showed up a little bit later and we all played outside. Kimber is so funny. She was picking up leaves and telling me to eat them. When I put them into my mouth she was say, "Ewww, bug poop." I couldn't stop laughing. She also kept saying, "I love Justin Bieber." She is the cutest thing ever. We ate hamburgers for dinner, and then roasted smores by the fire. Everyone went inside, except my dad and Adam. They talked by the fire for like almost two hours! They were talking about aliens the whole time, of course. In the morning we all got in the truck and drove over the Cascade Falls. We hiked the short hike to the waterfall. It was really beautiful, and a nice hike. At the bottom of Navajo lake there is lava rocks, and the water runs through the lava rocks and down through a tunnel and comes out the side of the mountain. It was really cool to see, and it was such a nice hike. When we came back from the hike, we cooked breakfast, and Adam and my dad went shooting. When they got back we headed home, so that we could make it to the fireworks in St. George. We got a Black Rasberry shake at Iceberg, and went to the park. We sat by Kyle, Brinlee and Kimber. We blew bubbles and chased Kimber around. My mom showed up and brought some KFC, and we enjoyed chicken and mashed potatoes on the grass. We all laid down, and I cuddled with Adam while we watched the fireworks. We had such a good weekend, and we are so grateful for the freedoms we enjoy in this country.

Manti Pageant

On June 16th, we went to the Manti Pageant. We left on Saturday afternoon when Adam got off of work. We were planning to drive the Mini Cooper up there, but before we were even out of Santa Clara it started doing really weird things. We were both frustrated, and were trying to decide if we should still go. I decided that we really needed to and I would drive my car. We got up there around 7 p.m, picked up my mom, and went to Roy's pizza in Ephraim. I've been there a few times and they have the best pizza and cheese bread ever! After dinner we went over to the temple grounds and found my dad, and the show started shortly after. I've been to the Manti Pageant before, but I was only like six years old, and all I remember is my mom waking me up saying, "Kenna, look! That guy is on top of the temple!" It was nice to see it again, and actually understand what was going on. I loved it so much, and it was such the perfect night. I wrapped up in the blanket and was so comfortable. At the end of the show there were a lot of people on the hill by the temple in all white, flowy clothing. They started singing a beautiful hymn, and the temple lit up. It gave me the cold chills. I had the calmest, warmest feeling inside as we walked to our cars. My parents were going to sleep in Richfield, but I decided that I was awake enough to drive home. Adam fell asleep in the passengers seat, and I followed my parents all the way to Richfield. We got gas and a red bull and I drove all the way home! We finally got home around 4 a.m. It was such a quick trip and kinda last minute, but next year we are going to go up and stay at the campground by the temple, and stay a couple of days. I'm mad that I didn't take any pictures up there. I really need to be better at that. We loved the show and are so excited to go back next year!