Monday, March 15, 2010


Adam and I went on our first date, we went to Iceberg and shared a mint chocolate shake, watched The Knowing at his house, and hiked around the Dixie rock. The next morning, after hanging out until 4 a.m. I started packing to leave for Mexico with my mom. I was so tired, and slept the whole time on the airplane. My mom and I flew to Dallas, Texas first. We stayed at the fanciest hotel called the Westin. My Aunt Sharee met us at the airport and took us to the hotel. We had fun watching tv, exploring the room, and eating cheesecake at 2 a.m. Our room was beautiful, and the bed was heavenly. Our flight got delayed and we were even upgraded to the executive suite. We had to bathrooms, a huge tube, and a seperate living room. After a good night's sleep we were off to Mexico. We stood in line at custom's for what seemed like days! After a few hours, we finally stepped out of the basement of the airport and into the warm sunshine. It was beautiful there. We went zip-lining through the trees, rock climbling, hung out by the pool, went running on the beach, got massages at the spa, and went snorkeling. While snorkeling we saw a barracuda, tons of fish, and two sting rays! I almost stepped on a string ray, I ran quickly to the beach took off my snorkel gear and was not going back in the water. I decided to leave those stupid flipper things on the beach and went back in with just my mask.

I still can't believe that I was there. It was so peaceful, I can't wait to go back! Three days into the trip I started to miss Adam, I called him one night just to say hi. It was so easy to talk to him and just tell him about all the adventures I was having here. He asked if I would call him again tomorrow and I got butterflies. I couldn't wait to see him again. He asked if I would be his girlfriend when I got home. I said yes, and tried to contain my excitement.

I have to thank my mom for bringing me along on this trip! It was so much fun, and I'm glad I got to spend so much time bonding with my mom. I should also thank my dad for not wanting to EVER go to Mexico, or anywhere tropical for that matter, because I get to go to Mexico in his place.

I'm blogging. again. It's probably because I'm sick in bed and have nothing else to entertain me. This may not last long. On June 4, 2010 I'm getting married, and everyone keeps telling me that I better document this time in my life. Although I write in my journal frequently, this kinda sounds fun.

His name is Adam Herpel. He's cute, funny, loving, sweet, romantic, caring, kind, generous, smart and so many more things! We met on July 24, 2009. My mom had bought me tickets to the Secondhand Serenade concert. I asked Krista to come with me, I didn't even know if I wanted to go. Krista knew Adam so we were hanging out with him and his friend, Dan. Adam won tickets to the concert, his date ditched him, he almost didn't go either. Everyone kept telling him he should get my phone number, he finally did. He called me about a week later and we went on our first date. It wasn't very long until things were getting serious.

We started going to church together and my house, and want to get married in the temple. This picture is from our first time going to church together.