Monday, May 16, 2011

Tif and Joe's Wedding!

Adam's cousin Tiffani got married on Friday, May 13th. It was such a beautiful wedding! Tiffani and Joe are such a perfect couple. When Tif asked me to be a bridesmaid I was so thrilled! I have never been a bridesmaid, and I was so excited to be apart of Tif's wedding. I was so honored that she wanted ME to be a part of the biggest day of her life. Tif went through the temple on the Wednesday before, and Adam and I were able to attend her endowments. She was glowing that day. She looked so ecstatic to be getting married in a few days. I knew she was going to be such a beautiful bride!

Friday morning I got up and got ready and left a little early. Adam was supposed to meet me at the temple at 9:30 for Tif and Joe's sealing. I arrived at the temple at 9:20 and called Adam to see if he was on his way. I started getting nervous when he wasn't answering, he didn't sleep very good the night before. Finally, on the 4th time calling him he answered the phone with a sleepy voice, and I started to panic that he was still in bed! He had my temple recommend, so I told him he better get here as quickly as possible. I went into the temple wondering if they would even let me in without my recommend. I filled out the little bishop paper and waited til I was clear to go change. I started freaking out that I wasn't going to have time to get dressed and I was going to miss the sealing! I did the fastest change of my life and swiftly walked to where all her family and friends were waiting. Adam's family was wondering where Adam was, and so was I. At the last minute, he ran into the room still tying his tie. Tif's sealing was so beautiful, and all the panic and rush that I felt before melted away as I sat there listening to the wonderful promises Tif and Joe were making to each other. I loved Tif's dress, her and Joe looked so happy together. I'm so happy for them!
After the temple their was a luncheon at the church. Joe's mom decorated and the food that they served was so delicious! They had some awesome musical numbers! It was such a great celebration! After the luncheon we drove up to Pine Valley for Tif and Joe's Reception. It was at the Pine Valley Chapel, and Tif did a great job with the decorations! Her colors were like rainbow colors, with red, orange, yellow, blue and purple. It turned out so great! I loved all the colors and they went together so great! Lanette Smith came and my mom wedding crashed with her. Lanette brought cardboard Krista with her, and we all had such a good laugh! I miss Krista so much, and I know that she really really wanted to be there. I hope Tif and Joe are so happy together!
 After helping clean up a little we drove home. We stopped at Walmart on our way home for some mopping fluid for our swiffer, and by the time we got home it was 10:30! The blinds were still open, so I went in to close them. Adam said to me, "unzip the lights" at first I was like, "huh?" then he said, "I mean fold the blinds" I started the laugh really hard when he realized that he was trying to say close the blinds and turn off the lights. I laughed for about five minutes, and I knew we were both so tired! It was such a good day!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

So much to Celebrate!

When I married Adam, I got the most amazing husband, but I also got the most wonderful mother-in-law. KaLynn is such an awesome woman. She has raised Adam to be so patient, kind, loving and sweet. Those four words also describe her. She has made me feel like family from the very beginning. She always has this sweet glow about her, and a smile on her face. She's always loving and caring to those whom she loves. She also has a great sense of humor, and we have shared several laughs together. Adam has such a great love for his mom, and I'm grateful that he treats her with love and respect. Growing up Adam was always a mamma's boy, which is totally fine with me. I'm grateful that they have such a strong relationship. It's always enjoyable to visit his family in Pine Valley. This Mother's day we went to Pine Valley after church to celebrate. We gave KaLynn a gift card to Red Lobster, and a card telling her how much we love her. We all hung out and Adam's dad made hamburgers for us. We also had the most fantastic lemon cake. KaLynn and I both share the same love for dessert. After spending the day with the Herpel's we went home. My heart is always full of gratitude when we leave Pine Valley. I'm so grateful for KaLynn and her always blissful attitude. Adam and I both love you very much!

I'm so grateful for my mom. My mom is the most compassionate person I know. She is always loving and supporting to those around her. My grandpa passed away when my mom was very young, but from the stories that she has told me about him, it seems like she gets these wonderful qualties from him. My mom is also a very strong woman. She is not afraid to stand up for what is right, and she is not afraid to express her opinion. I look up to my mom so much. My mom is also very intelligent. I'm always so jealous of her straight A's. My mom is very giving. She would drop everything to give service to someone in need. My mom has a great sense of humor, and I have several memories of us rolling on the floor laughing together. My mom and I look so much alike, even strangers in the airport know we're mother and daughter. My mom is beautiful, and I'm so glad that I look like her. Growing up, my mom always made me feel loved, and I have always been very well cared for. She made our house feel like home, and we were always safe there. I was missing my mom very much on Mother's day, but I was able to go over after work to visit with my mom. I made some orange cookies, and gave her the Our Best Bite cookbook. She also fixed a dress that was a little to big for me, which is another talent of hers. She's always taking in something, or sewing on a button for one of us. I love my mom so much, and she is my best friend. Here is just a few of my favorite pictures of me and my mom.

Our moms are fantastic, hard working, loving, divine women. Our moms have worked so hard to make our lives what they are today, and I think they deserve the best. We have so much to celebrate with moms like these. We love you both so much, and we hope you had a great Mother's day!

Happy Birthday, Dad!

This year my dad turned 55! ( I think. He'll probably be really mad if I'm wrong!) His birthday was on Saturday April. 30th. For his real birthday him and my mom went for a drive, my dad's all time favorite thing to do! I think they took the scenic route to Cedar City and ate dinner at Sizzler. The next day Adam and I drove over to La Verkin after church to celebrate my dad's birthday! When we got there my dad opened his present from us. We gave him some car washing towels because he had been complaining to my mom that he didn't have any, and we gave him a little shovel that would almost fit in your pocket! I think he liked it. My mom and dad made lasagna for dinner, and my Aunt Kathy and Unc came over to eat with us. It was so much fun just talking and hanging out together. I hope that my dad had a great birthday! I think I have the best dad in the whole world. He taught me how to be responsible, take care of things, and to work hard. My dad is also smart, so funny, or maybe goofy is a better word and he's been such a great dad. My dad was always watching out for me when I was growing up. Checking my oil and the tires on my car, taking the skin and bones off my chicken for me, and always rescuing me from the side of the road when I ran out of gas. I hope my dad knows how much I love and appreciate him!

Happy Easter!

Easter this year was so much fun! Adam and I went to church and taught our cute little primary kids. ( Well actually, I think this was the Sunday that they were really wild, and I ended crying on the way home.) I really love being a primary teacher. I'm probably learning more than our kids. Church was really so great on Easter, though. I felt such a warm, fuzzy feeling that day. After church, Adam and I changed our clothes and headed out to La Verkin to visit my family! I'm so grateful for my mom. I'm twenty-two years old and she still makes me an Easter basket filled with chocolate candies, and this year some hair products! She even hid it so I had to hunt for it! After eating several chocolate marshmellow bunnies I decided to dye some eggs! Kimber is finally at the age of kinda understanding holidays, so I made her color some eggs with me.
Kimber is so cute! She kept holding them a little to tight and they would crack! I love this picture with her hand on her forehead!
The Girls!
 My mom made homemade fried chicken for dinner! It tasted just like Texas! My dad made his famous mashed potatoes, and we had some really colorful deviled eggs. After Kimber and I colored them we used them to make the deviled eggs, and the color had gotten all over the egg! They were still delicious though. I think that was the first time I've ever dared to eat a deviled egg.
 After dinner we all sat in the mom room and watched crazy game shows and stuff on the Royal Wedding! I love visiting my family! I wish I could see my mom more often. It was such a good Easter Sunday.