Sunday, June 10, 2012

Super Bowl Party! Go Patriots!

Since Adam spent some of his growing up years in Massachusetts, he is a huge Patriots fan. Which is good, because they have always been my favorite, too. I don't know....maybe it has something to do with Tom Brady. On my "future husband checklist" one of the requirements was love sports, especially football. I've always loved watching the Superbowl, so me and Adam were a perfect match. That morning I got up and made seven layer dip, and jalapeno poppers with my mom's help. I also made snickers brownies that were so good. At 2 o'clock, we all went over to my mom's house to watch the game. We ordered Domino's pizza, and had a lot of good food. At 4-ish the game started, and it was just me and Adam left in the living room. I guess we are the only football lovers in our family. The patriots were playing the NY Giants. Which is kinda a big deal because Adam hates all of the New York teams. I'm not even allowed to joke that I'm a Yankee's fan. At half time Madonna performed, and she was so great! Of course, everyone came in to watch the half time show. We were all so impressed that she was wearing all her clothes at the end of the performance. By the end of the game the Giants had beat the Patriots and we were sad. There's always next year, though! We had a lot of fun hanging out together cheering for our team. I'm glad Adam and I have so many of the same interests. I love watching him get into the game, and watch him screaming at the TV.
This is what my dad does during all sporting events on TV. He locks himself into a room to watch The History channel. He always says, "They don't watch my work. Why should I watch them work?"
Being silly and hanging out
                                        Cute little Kimber was our cheerleader for a little while.

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