Thursday, December 9, 2010

Krista turns 21!

Krista and I have been friends since we were babies, and we'll be friends for the rest of our lives. She is one of my best friends, and I'm lucky to have her in my life. She's silly and sweet, sincere, passionate, and such a great example to me. I know Krista is always there for me when I need to vent about school,  messy husbands, bad hair days, and anything else that I may need advice about. She always makes me laugh, and she's always saying something funny or witty. She has so much style, and I always think she looks so cute. She has such a fun personality, and she makes everyone want to be around her. She is beautiful, and so photogenic. (I'm very jealous of this!) She looks gorgeous in every picture I've ever seen of her.
How cute are we?
 Krista wanted to go shopping in Las Vegas for her birthday, and I was so excited that she asked me to go! After running a million errands in town, we finally were able to leave! We listened to Christmas music the whole way, and just got caught up with life. Even though we live right next door to each other I wish we saw each other more! When we got to Vegas we drove down the strip trying to find Urban Outfitters. It was right across the street from the Bellagio! So we parked and walked through the Gardens at Bellagio. It was decorated like Christmas, and everything was so pretty and fresh. We walked outside, watched the watershow and crossed the street to Urban Outfitters. I have been wanting to go in there, and it was fun to see what it was all about. When we were finished on the strip we were starving! We drove to Town Square and ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. It was so good, as always. We told them it was Krista's birthday.
And she got an ice cream sundae. We also had to try the butter cake, it was soooo good. We had fun at dinner, and then we shopped forever! I got some more GAP pants for Christmas, and some chocolate strawberries. After a few hours of shopping around we decided to head back home. It was a fun trip, and it was good to spend time with Krista. I hope she had a great birthday!

Krista is getting ready to go on a mission. She just got called to Brazil, and she leaves on April 20th. I am so excited for her, but I'm going to miss her so much! I'm so proud of her for going on a mission. She has been such a good example to me growing up.

Someday, when Krista and I have kids, they are going to fall in love and get married. And we'll be neighbors for life. I love you, Krista! Happy Birthday!

Also, Krista's birthday marked me and Adam's 6th month anniversary! I brought home some chocolate strawberries to share. Adam had to work all day, so we didn't spend very much time together that day. But I want him to know how much I love being married to him. He is such a great man! He's sweet, hardworking, helpful, loving and handsome. Could I ask for anything else? I love you, Adam! Happy 6 months!


  1. kenna! this basically made me cry! I cant believe its taken me this long to read this! thank you! you're the best friend anyone could ask for! i love you and i love that picture of us when we were babies! thanks for taking me on a vegas adventure for my birthday! it was perfect. and you better write me letters young lady!

  2. That picture of you and krista as littles seems like it was taken yesterday! Where has the time gone and HOW is Krista 21?? Loved y'all then and love y'all now. You're both so the cutest!